Can't start virtual network in Virtmanager

I am having some trouble configuring network access for Virtmanager. I have had a look at the NixOS wiki and tried to find a relevant answer elsewhere with no luck.

When creating a new VM, Virtmanager attempts to start the Virtual Network and fails:

Could not start virtual network 'default': internal error: Failed to apply firewall rules [nix-store-id]/bin/iptables -w --table filter --insert LIBVIRT_FWO --in-interface virbr0 --jump REJECT: Warning: Extension REJECT revision 0 not supported, missing kernel module? iptables v1.8.8 (nf_tables): RULE_INSERT failed (No such file or directory): rule in chain LIBVIRT_FWO

I have followed all the steps in the NixOS wiki and also added:

trustedInterfaces = [ "virbr0" ];
virtualisation.libvirtd.enable = true;

I am on the default Linux kernel and disabling the firewall does not make a difference.

What more do I need to do?


My libvirt used to work fine, but at some point it stopped working as well with the same error message. I assume I did an update somewhere along the line.

Did you ever figure out what caused your issue?

I’m able to get it to work by manually running sudo virsh net-start default but haven’t quite figured out why I now need to do that.

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