Can't switch between virtual consoles

From my desktop environment, I’m able to switch to a virtual console using ctrl-alt-f2 or ctrl-alt-f6, etc. But once I’m there I’m unable to leave. When I press ctrl-alt-f?, nothing happens. Also, from my desktop environment, hitting ctrl-alt-f8 brings up a black screen that I’m unable to leave.

Any troubleshooting tips?

Seems to work for me but you can in the console also use just alt-f?, without the ctrl.

That doesn’t seem to work either. Maybe it’s something with my hardware? Idk

I’m experiencing the same thing with NixOS 21.05 under VMware Player. I can get from the desktop out to the virtual consoles, but no way to get back. Alt-F7 or Ctrl-Alt-F7 does nothing.

I’m interested to know whether sudo chvt 7 works for you (it works for me).

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Thanks, that does the thing! Much appreciated.

Doesn’t look like @zxcv is active any more, but if they drop by, your post could be marked as a solution.

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