Can't use Channels from Hydra

Hello guys,
I am quite new to NixOS and currently I am fiddling around with my own Hydra running on VMWare. With the help of this YouTube video and this GitHub repository I managed to successfully setup a Hydra instances that actually builds packages for me. But now I ran into a problem where Google couldn’t save me anymore.
I want to use the packages build by Hydra on my NixOS machine. Therefore I tried nix-channel --add mypkgs && nix-channel --update but unfortunately this prints error: unable to download '': HTTP error 404 (curl error: No error).
When I select the ‘Channels’ tab of my jobset in the Hydra Web GUI it tells me that ‘There are no channels available’. When I select ‘Channel’ from the ‘Project’ dropdown in the header I get ‘404 Not Found’ and ‘Nix channels are not supported by this Hydra server’.
Does somebody know what this error message means and has an idea what I did wrong?

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