Card authorization on Open Collective donations


I originally asked for help on Twitter without much success, so taking it here.

I’m having to reauthorize my card every month, which is becoming annoying. Is there any way to make it permanent?

I only have this issue with the NixOS Foundation contribution. The exact same payment method works for Garnix, for example. You can find my profile here.

Can someone with access look into the Open Collective settings?


Super strange instance. Can you share the exact flow? (i.e. are you getting pinged to reauthorize via email and then having to go into open collective?)
I’ll get us in touch with the teams there to figure this out.

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I get a monthly email from titled “Action required: Verify your credit card to continue supporting The NixOS Foundation on Open Collective” with the following content:

Then I need to click on “Verify your credit card”, which takes me to Open Collective where I need to re-authorize it every time. Appreciate you looking into it.


In contact with them, need some details so will DM.


Update →

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For general reference Open Collective responded →
It seems that if this happens to other folks it could be due to needing to go through a card authorization process in opencollective.


My card works fine with the NixOS Foundation, but have had the same issue with another collective. It might be a deeper issue related to how 3D Secure works.


Problem solved! Thanks @ron for getting in touch :slight_smile:

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