Changing default browser from Epiphany to Firefox

I’m using GNOME, and I have both Epiphany and Firefox installed. I’ve changed my default browser to Firefox, yet when I search via App Drawer, Web/Epiphany is still the default web browser for searching.

How do I change this so that Firefox is the default browser for search in my App drawer? How do I make this change systemwide?

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There is no such thing as a default web browser for search in app drawer – all enabled search providers are used simultaneously. You can only disable Epiphany in GNOME Settings.

As for Firefox, the current build does not support GNOME Shell search provider. Someone would need to patch it like Fedora does:!$apw1YaE9fQPlWvu2B6QxQ9JBcx9-Woxi0GvZjJH2NnE

And while at it, we should also add a symbolic icon, as mentioned in!$ABU_vX-mqHXdki6783LcCzsqZ1-j9EzXaC1TqnFypPY