Changing default on attribute set in NixOS

I have enabled services.fprintd.enable. Which is happened to be a default value of<name>.fprintAuth. But I want only specified pam services to have it enabled. I was thinking of using lib.mkDefault, but how to apply it on an option inside attribute set of submodules.

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Default is

That means you can just set services.fprintd.enable to true
Unless you don’t want it to be true (because of other side effect).

Since I don’t know how to answer your question directly, you can try to overwrite the side unexpected side effect, our reimplement expected one…

services.fprintd.enable installs pkgs.fprintd
but you can also set
services.fprintd.package = pkgs.emptyDir if your problems is that you already have fprint comming from somewhere else that are conflicting.
or (<name>) if the problem is how it is configuring systemd service for you…