Changing ownership of path '/mnt/nix/store' : Operattion not permitted

I am installing NixOS using the minimal ISO available on the site. I’ve followed all the steps until the part you have to execute nixos-install. When I use the command without sudo it gives me an error:

mktemp: failed to create directory via template /mnt/tmp.XXXXXXXXXX: Permission denied

And when I use it with sudo, it gives me another error:

error: changing ownership of path ‘/mnt/nix/store’ : Operation not permitted

What should I do?

Hm, sounds like the drives might not have been mounted correctly. Could you post the output of these two commands?

mount -l
ls -la /mnt/*

Thank you! The /mnt partition was formatted as vfat (idk why), and that was the reason it wasn’t working :slight_smile: