Changing permission of /etc/nix

Hello, following up from this thread, I need to figure out how to declaratively change the permission of /etc/nix to something sane so I can use some Nix commands correctly.

Please help!

As that thread is quite long, can you give a summary about what your current problem is?

Usually /etc/nix/nix.conf is managed and created by the nix.* settings, and its permissions should be totally correct.

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Ok, so for some reason /etc/nix is set to file permission 700 instead of a more usual 755. chmod is not very useful as I have impermance setup and my system is erased on reboot.

Impermanence seem to have a mode field.

Though what exactly are you managing using impermanence here?

I have not much experience with ephemeral roots, though from all what I’ve heard /etc and its childs should be created with correct permissions by NixOS.

Ahh… It turns out that the permissions of /etc/nix were already set (incorrectly).

If you are using NixOS, then why are you touching anything in /etc/nix? The OS config is driven from the content of /etc/nixos.

See Nix does not use /etc/nix/nix.conf anymore - #11 by jisponitra