Changing systemd SystemCallFilter to make `sed -i` to work

Hi folks,

I tried to modify some existing systemd services by adding script into preStart and I can’t make it to work. I get Bad system call in log. After some research I realized that sed -i doesn’t play well with SystemCallFilter = [ "@system-service" "~@privileged" "~@resources" ].

I don’t want to break the excellent security hardening that the module maintainer did by removing SystemCallFilter, but I can’t figure out what to add into SystemCallFilter to make the sed -i functional.

I know that permissions are OK (I can cp x y a file) but modification sed -i ... y does something outside of the SystemCallFilter above. I googled and tried a lot of options but I’m can’t find what to add…

Thank you.

Looks like the failing call is logged in a stack trace:

$ touch /tmp/example
$ sudo systemd-run --property SystemCallFilter='@system-service' --property SystemCallFilter='~@privileged' --property SystemCallFilter='~@resources' sed --in-place '#noop' /tmp/example
Running as unit: run-r107c83f7687f4b32a4a53ae456c42081.service
$ journalctl --identifier 'systemd-coredump' --since '1m ago'
Feb 09 12:53:00 main systemd-coredump[34681]: [🡕] Process 34673 (sed) of user 0 dumped core.
                                              Module sed without build-id.
                                              Stack trace of thread 34673:
                                              #0  0x00007f34e8c6d11b fchown ( + 0xfc11b)
                                              #1  0x0000000000407c98 closedown (sed + 0x7c98)
                                              #2  0x00000000004087b8 read_pattern_space (sed + 0x87b8)
                                              #3  0x000000000040a44b process_files (sed + 0xa44b)
                                              #4  0x0000000000403a74 main (sed + 0x3a74)
                                              #5  0x00007f34e8b98fce __libc_start_call_main ( + 0x27fce)
                                              #6  0x00007f34e8b99089 __libc_start_main@@GLIBC_2.34 ( + 0x28089)
                                              #7  0x0000000000403b95 _start (sed + 0x3b95)
                                              ELF object binary architecture: AMD x86-64

In this case it’s fchown so appending @chown sounds appropriate.

In the past I’ve used this technique as well to figure these out.

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@_Andrew : your post is pure gold! I learned 3 new things + fixed the problem (yes, it was missing @chown. Thank you very much!