ChatGPT Desktop?

Hi everyone
I am very happy to meet this community and for encountering by chance this distribution that I LOVE and hate in the same time :)) I hate some things because I am very much a nub in this level ok Linux, but I intend, with your help and ChatGPT help to improve on that.

Regarding my problem, because I am a nub in this, ChatGPT Desktop helped me understand the basics of configuration.nix and some procedures, but he got stuck teaching me how to install “him” on this distribution.

Is there a “simple” way to have a ChatGPT Desktop on NixOS? Because I think it is the last thing I need installed, the rest “he” helped me install everything I needed.

Assuming that you mean this project:

then it is not entirely straight forward to run it on NixOS. You can try using Distrobox with the .deb file or the AppImage.

I tried both, and Distrobox got me farther:

but it still said it needs glib-networking, which was already installed, so I’m not sure where to go from there.

EDIT: I recommend finding another frontend, potentially on Flathub (there weren’t any GUIs in nixpkgs that I could find). This might work:

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Man, you are a life savior :slight_smile: Thank you! I used the flatpak way.

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