Chromebook has no sound


I have a Hp x360 Chromebook 14c Dragonair and it runs NixOS perfect the only thing that isn’t working is sound.

The only way i have ever gotten sound on this laptop is from a script ran from the creator it that usually gives sounds to all chromebooks with linux This is what the blob looks like

Any help would be appreciated. I asked him directly if sound works on nixos he said no and to read the docs.

I Don’t know what docs to look at but if anyone has gotten sound working hit me up


~ Joe B

These are the docs linked from their readme, which is probably what they are referring to: Supported Devices and Platforms | Chrultrabook Docs

Notably: Installing Linux | Chrultrabook Docs

If you want to achieve the same thing on NixOS, reverse engineer their script (should not be too hard, just figure out what packages and configuration they’re installing and why) and do the equivalent of those steps in a NixOS module. It’d be really cool if you could then contribute that to nixos-hardware.

That script will not work under NixOS, it tries to install stuff with apt and whatnot, so you’re on your own. Repeating what it does in a NixOS configuration is definitely possible, however.