Chromium on RPi (workaround)

Does anyone know any way I can get Chromium (for webdriver purposes) installed on a Raspberry Pi 4? The package is currently marked broken, but I’m out of my depth when it comes to understanding exactly why.

Context: libgcc_s is from bootstrap tools?? · Issue #36947 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub.

The commit in the comment just before yours might be sufficient: Copy relevant version of libgcc_s to glibc; fix llvm on aarch64 · queezle42/nixpkgs@2cdd8e4 · GitHub

It focuses on llvm, though, so you’ll be the first to test with chromium.

Ok. How exactly would I go about modifying my configuration.nix to use that commit?

I tend to use flakes, where this is just changing the flake URL :slight_smile:

For old style configuration.nix, I think you’ll have to manually clone the repository, check out that commit and then set the nix path with -I 'nixpkgs=/path/to/local/repo'.

Note this will probably be a big build, it’s changing gcc, so you might end up having to rebuild every package on the system. At the very least you’ll be building chromium, which is among the longest builds out there. I’d recommend figuring out remote builds if you’re going to try this on a pi.

Thanks! I’ll look in to that. I suspect you’re right about needing a remote builder.

I wonder if another option might be to extract and patch a .deb, which I know is the approach taken for some packages like Skype.

Just to follow up, I’ve given up on this direction, probably forever. I’ll just wait for the upstream issue to be fixed.

I was stuck needing Chromium because I was using the barely-maintained Haskell webdriver library, which doesn’t work with Firefox. But I’ve since discovered the webdriver-w3c library, which works, and have ported everything to that.

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