Clementine player and NixOS compatibility?

I am using Clementine and one feature is stumping me. The screen shot below shows the relevant section.

Clementine can copy or move songs from their current location and re-write the path and filename structure. I learned this from reading various reviews. In practice, everything works but this ability.

My plan is to re-rip all my old CD’s into a open source format other than mp3. Clementine will rip the CD’s but place every track into a single directory - I would have to create sub-directories to maintain albums.

I am obviously missing something; I did run into an issue where permissions needed to be changed so I can burn DVD’s. Yes - I am new to NixOS; I have NixOS installed on a separate laptop which is running very nicely. This is the last hurdle for me to cross before I move off my old Windows laptop. Hopefully, someone can point me in the right direction.

What’s actually missing? I’m not familiar with this application

I’m running Clementine from the tip of channels/nixos-unstable and I see this feature:

I know I’m not answering your question directly, but I suggest you do this instead:

  1. rip using abcde as you can tell it to use any format you want
  2. play music using strawberry instead of clementine (it’s based on Clementine, supports qt5 and is maintained)

Nothing is “missing”. Consider this workflow:

  1. rip CD. Clementine writes it to the mp3’s to the music directory.
  2. Organize the new music to the appropriate album directory. The screen shot in my original post.
  3. in the screen shot, I can re-arrange the order of items denoting the album directory and the filename denoting a variety of information.

The issue is with this panel. Any change or no change does not enable the OK button. As mentioned in the original post, I had to modify permissions in the nix store to all burning of DVD’s. Could this be the same issue?

Yes, I have the same option. Can you use Organize files and click on the OK button?

I can make changes (or make no change) and the OK button is never enabled.

I pulled down strawberry. It exhibits the same issue as clementine. Check my reply to jonringer. I hope my explanation is clear enough to point me in the right direction. Testing strawberry got me thinking it is something on my system but I do not know where to look at the moment.

Yes, the OK button is enabled, and I confirmed it works on one file locally. I also notice that the preview is populated in my case but not for you.

It’s kind of a wild guess, but could it be that /home/sandor/Music/ does not exist or is write-protected? Or that you’ve somehow managed to trigger this dialog with zero songs selected?

Chalk this one up as a learning experience for me. I original used Clementine to rip the CD. But, I think that was my mistake.

In starting over, I re-ripped the CD using K3b (CD burner which has ripping features). K3b ripped the CD correctly and the file organization in Strawberry worked as designed. Guess there is a lot more learning for me to do.