[CLOSED] DevOps Engineer at Superfluid Finance (A Tech-Hearted Web3 Company)

Update: Position is filled!

You will be an instrumental part of our engineering organization taking on the mission of maintaining and improving Superfluid’s web3-first infrastructure while ensuring its availability, security, and performance. It is of expected you to drive our long-term goals of vendor-independent infrastructure as well as reproducible development, build & deployment environments. You are the champion of a DevSecOps culture that helps other engineers to move fast without breaking things.

As the CTO of the company, I am a huge fan of Nix, and has been a NixOS user for long time. We have already started transforming some of our github workflows using Nix, see here, here and here for examples.

With your help I believe we will be able to super charge our infra to the next level!

Together with our head of engineering @phi, we invite you to apply our position now!