Closing your NixOS Discourse account

Highly respected NixOS Discourse community and portal administration.

I’m highly enjoying being part of this warm and responsive community, but, unfortunately, my current occupation as an engineer no longer requires me to involve with Nix or NixOS in any way.

I’m considering risky, the existence of an account that you’re no longer actively use, monitor and maintain, to be exposed to cyberattacks and password evasion attempts.

That’s why, I made a decision to close my NixOS Discourse account. The manual exploration of my profile, unfortunately, did not gave any clue on how to close your Discourse account. That’s why, I’m assuming that it is necessary to contact instance administration to handle such case.

If this post comes into scope of instance administration attention, I’m kindly asking to terminate this instance, if possible.

It is been a big pleasure for me of being a community member.

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@ryantm I suppose this is for Meta?

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This sounds like it was written by a machine.

Maybe that’s just me though.

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I anonymized their account.

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