Cloud-init unattended install

as a new user, could I have Quick Start instructions how would I create and configure basic cloud-init-capable installation .iso for unattended install to NVMe disk?

Thank you.

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I really need this.

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Just to clarify, do you want cloud-init on the system the .iso itself runs or on the system the .iso eventually installs? Also, do you intend to script the install yourself? I believe cloud-init’s autoinstall (assuming that’s what you’re thinking of) is Ubuntu-specific.

If you search a bit in this discourse forum, you’ll find there is already another thread on cloud-init images (not just one, in fact):

I haven’t tried that recipe yet, but I will soon I guess.

Maybe that helps?

@physics-enthusiast @APCodes Thank you both for the replies.

@physics-enthusiast I want cloud-init on the system the .iso itself runs, but

Yes, later I realized it too, so autoinstall approach probably won’t work as I hoped.

So I found another two projects to accommodate my needs:

Still it’s not clear to me if I could generate an unattended install .iso, ideally I would just need to insert SD card with the flashed .iso to a headless PC without keyboard and network, and the installation should go fully automated.

I opened an issue to clarify things but still didn’t get the clear answer:

If you can shed some light on the question, I would be appreciated.

For the reference, yet another project on the topic I found: