Collision between 2 LICENSE.txt from 2 different packages

I would like to install both multimarkdown and dotnet-sdk_6 but there is a collision:

error: collision between `/nix/store/...-multimarkdown-6.6.0/LICENSE.txt' and `/nix/store/...-dotnet-sdk-6.0.300/LICENSE.txt'

Is there a bug in these packages?

This is a sign of bad packaging, there definitely should not be any file there, especially not one with a name that common.

Should be reported in nixpkgs as two individual issues pinging respective maintainers.


This probably most often happens because a package doesn’t really require building and someone copied the source to $out without removing the unnecessary files.

Regardless of how it happened, neither of those packages should have such files in their output. Go ahead and file a nixpkgs bug.

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It might be the case thst the license/copyright stipulate thst a copy should still be distributed with the software though, yeah? Is there a more-correct place for it? I think I’ve seen at least one in $out/share before.

I think $out/share/doc/<programname>/LICENSE.txt is the correct place.



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