Collision between two Rust apps

I’m trying to use in my nix-darwin setup two apps built in Rust: eza and nil.

I’ve added both as inputs to my flake and then I use an overlay to make them available in my home.nix.

The problem is that, when I want to rebuild my setup, I get the following error:

error: collision between `/nix/store/cfl48c386924xn5rx6rjn4cpa8abympn-source/Cargo.toml' and `/nix/store/4s4znpqmlfbwwgkzy1xkjq9bzhq00m5b-source/Cargo.toml

The first comes from nil, the second from eza.

What can I do about it?

seems like you are adding the sources for both apps to your home packages rather than the built packages

I think you’re right. I was passing the entire eza and nil inputs to an overlay instead of selecting the packages from the flakes. But if I do that just with eza it works.

Also, sorry for taking so long to answer. For some reason, I didn’t receive a notification.