Comm needs help

Hey everyone, my name is Ashoat and I’m the founder of a startup called Comm. We’re working on “keyservers”, basically a new model for application development where the backend is federated and self-hosted by users. Our go-to-market is a federated, E2E-encrypted Discord alternative.

We’re huge supporters of open source and all of our code is open source :slight_smile:

Right now our dev environment is really complicated to set up, and we’re looking to move it to Nix to make it easier for our developers to set up and maintain. But nobody on the team has experience with Nix.

Right now we’re thinking of this job as a well-defined contract, but if you’re interested there could be an opportunity to work together long-term. And of course goes without saying, but we’ll compensate you fairly for this work at competitive market rates.

If this sounds interesting, please give me a shout at!