Comment/doc praise thread?

I don’t know how this’ll go, but I recently noticed some much-improved comments that helped me grok something that I’d read a few times before without much luck. I wanted to shower some praise on everyone involved, but I realize there’s a much larger set of people who’ve made important contributions here.

I hope you’ll take a moment to list your own (now, and in the future when you find something).


I’d like to praise @cdepillabout for expanding the documentation of two trivial builders: symlinkJoin and linkFarm. I’d also like to thank both @edolstra and @Profpatsch for asking questions that lead to these improvements.


Then I’ll go next:

I want to praise @Infinisil for his documentation format RFC effort.

And while I’m at it, though not strictly documentation related, for his epic work on improving the module and type system.


I would like to thank whoever developed the @veprbl GitHub bot that appears to be using advanced machine learning techniques to label all incoming GitHub issues.

It makes it really easy for me to find and focus on the Haskell-related issues. I’m sure there are other maintainers that feel the same.