Commercial support 24/7 for Nix in operations

I see the list of companies offering commercial support. Are there some already offering some kind of 24/7 support for operations teams? Even better if EU based.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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Do you have a specific product or is it just about generic operations teams for NixOS systems?

The use case we are considering at the moment is to create an OCI container using Nix and have a support to back us up, just in case (e.g. a security issue needs immediate attention). I am not exactly sure what would be added by having such a support in place, seen the maturity of the updates’ system. Feel free to comment on that aspect as well.

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Flying Circus might be worth looking into. I know they do fully-managed ops as a service.


Thanks. They’re not even listed in the commercial support page.

This aligns closely with our enterprise offering at Determinate Systems – Determinate Systems. Our team is globally distributed, with a solid foundation in Europe. Further, we’ve achieved SOC2 with ISO27001 on its way.


Determinate Systems has helped me with their open source offerings on a level that us usually on par with enterprise offerings. So, I personally can recommend them from that experience.