Computer does not shutdown

For a few days the shutdown process does not terminate. Here 2 screen shots:
screenshot at 22:05:47

screenshot at 22:11:38

I need to use the power button to switch off my desktop.

Luckily using NixOS I can start a previous build. The last one where the shutdown works is based on Kernel 6.6.4, the version just above the white line:

I am using NixOS 23.11 stable channel.

Any idea what might be the issue?
Which part of my configuration is relevant and shall be pasted here?

A few others have reported seeing this as well.

It’s a kernel regression - updating to the latest available kernel should resolve it.

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You got any more information on the regression ?

You got any more information on the regression ?


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Thanks for your replies.
An update to Kernel 6.6.6 solved the problem.