Concepts for "attaching" metadata to nixpkgs

I’m rushing this post because I’m really distracted right now, perhaps I will be forgiven for that, and I hope to start some discussion. :slight_smile:

There are some concepts which recurringly come up with respect to - what seems to boils down to - the fact that we want to attach some metadata to a given version of nixpkgs.


  • this is what channels really want to be (well, I’m not sure it’s correct because the “ownership” of the metadata is in the opposite direction here?)
  • brokenness of packages (came up on the NixOS officehours, inspired me to post this question)
  • other metadata (Related self-plug; - and if a danbooru style tagging system could be introduced, the churn there would probably encourage some sort of separation)

So my question is, does anyone have any thoughts or issues to cross-link on this?
Getting an abstraction/design right here might possibly let us do a lot of interesting things?

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