Config build fails due to boot.initrd.extraFiles "permission denied"

My configuration stopped building after some recent commit (which I assume might be nixos/stage-1: create initramfs /lib at build time · NixOS/nixpkgs@d9105c2 · GitHub)

With the offending line being

I’m pretty sure it should just point to the file directly rather than use pkgs.runCommandLocal, but that aside it is failing with mkdir: cannot create directory 'root/lib/firmware/edid': Permission denied, which didn’t seem to be a problem before.

The config works without that line just fine, but I want to figure out why it might be failing.

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im having the same issue, did you figure out anything more?

Nope couldn’t figure it out, atm I’m just relying on a forked nixos-hardware with that line commented out, works just fine.