Config by Example

I needed more examples and got tired of googling stuff.

Please find a repo with submodules of lots of people’s nix dotfile repos:

I’m going to be ripgrepping through that lot to quickly find out great ways to do things.

  • Apologies if this was a bad idea, but I hope it helps a few others.

Hi there!

Feel free to add my small work in progress as well:

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See also:

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Feel free to include my config as well:


Excellent. I was hoping to find prior art.
I will link to these. The more examples, the easier it is.

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Something I just realise.

It seems as if you add with SSH URLs, this makes the repository hard to impossible to use for those that do not have a GitHub account. You shouldn’t use SSH URLs for submodules that you do not want to write back to.

Also it seems as if those submodules are linked to a certain commit. Perhaps you should instead link them to a branch instead? This is only possible for newer Git versions though. Not sure when exactly that feature has been introduced.


It seems not pinning to a revision is not available with https protocol. I have switched to https and have a little update script in there that I think checks out the submodules to the latest version.

I’ve extended it to include @NobbZ, @davidtwco and the list that you’ve suggests and also the nix users on gitlab I could find.

That makes 74 users to grep through for examples. I’m happy with that - I should find plenty of examples of what to do.

Ah yes of course - I will have to add my own in and that will round up to 75.

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