Configuring Brother MFC-L2700DW

I’m having a hard time configuring my Brother printer with NixOS. I have brlaser, mfcl2700dnlpr and mfcl2700dncupswrapper installed. Gnome’s printers screen shows the printer but I am unable to print a test page. I also have system-printer-config which I have had success configuring my printer with Gnome in other distributions but no luck.


I’m linking to my own post when someone had a similar problem. IPP Everywhere really is the way to go:


Thank you! This goes in configuration.nix? I get an undefined variable 'lib' error. I assume this means that I have a misconfiguration somewhere else (I’m pretty new to NixOS).

Should be able to add lib to your imports (the stuff in {} at the top of your configuration.nix) or change lib to pkgs.lib.

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@peterhoeg @austin Thank you both! Printing now works!