Connect all "entry" webpages to the NixOS foundation

As a new user I came to Importantly, it doesn’t connect to the organizational structure of NixOS, that is, the NixOS Foundation, which is the community’s method of self-organization.

Please place a link to the NixOS Foundation on all entry pages. This will act as an anchor to make clear how things are done. Otherwise, a newbie is just floating adrift on an unfamiliar sea.

Thank you for all your work and your consideration of this request.

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Is it? The foundation provides funding and a legal structure for the few things that require it, but it explicitly doesn’t lead the project(s). I’d view it as an implementation detail which doesn’t really matter to most nixpkgs developers, and even less to most nix/nixos users.

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@delroth: Then I guess I misunderstood. My question is who decides what goes into NixOS? If it isn’t the foundation, then whoever it is should be linked.

In particular, I am trying to understand who will resolve the chicken-and-egg issues related to including Flakes in “official” documentation, whatever “official” means. How are things decided? Is Eelco the BDFL, or is there some other structure?

I just want to understand what is the status of Flakes and why documentation is so confused and disorganized about them and other “experimental” features. If there are some snags, I’d like to read about them. Perhaps I can help somehow. I have been the volunteer system administrator of the Haskell wiki for a few years, and I would like to give back to the NixOS community as well.

I’m not issuing any demands, just a request to be directed to the source of information that is helpful to me in learning.

There is no such structure. The answer to that question depends highly on a lot of factors.

The closest thing you are looking for is the RFC process: GitHub - NixOS/rfcs: The Nix community RFCs

And it is mentioned in the community page in the navbar of the website.

The status of Flakes is described in the RFCs which were merged and unmerged.
The status of documentation is described also in RFCs and can be inquired with the documentation team, also mentioned in the community page.

You will find their contact information if you want to join them.

No problem, but assuming structure can be surprising sometimes as we do not necessarily understand where you are coming from.

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