Connect to a VPN over PPTP

I need to connect to my university VPN, but I am not finding a way to accomplish that on NixOS unstable. This is the first time I have the need to connect to a VPN, so I do not know much about it.

I was given the following info about my university VPN:

Protocol: PPTP
Authentication method: mschapv2

It seems that the package network-manager-pptp is needed for that. But I can not find it in nixpkgs.

Any help is welcoming.

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Did you have any success, @romildo ?

I am also trying to acomplish that here at UFBA.

Seems it was removed at some point. You might still try pptp-client nixpkgs/default.nix at 634141959076a8ab69ca2cca0f266852256d79ee · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub (PPTP Client - ArchWiki).

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