Connect USB CDC ACM Device (GB Operator)

Hiya everyone,

I’m trying to connect my GB Operator device to my Laptop running NixOS. In order to use this device with Linux distributions, some small configuration work is needed as detailed in this post in their knowledgebase.

I already tried some of the mentioned approaches for the other distros, however my device is still not recognized by the application they provide. I have the same device running under Ubuntu with no problems.

My question therefore is as follows:

How do I enable read/write acces to USB CDC ACM devices on NixOS?

Any help resolving this would be appreciated!

What they explain for Ubuntu/Debian should do.

  1. deploy the udev-rules (services.udev.extraRules)
  2. make your user member of the relevant groups (users.users.<name>.extraGroups)

You are absolutely right! I thought I already did all that, but it seems I deleted the groups again from my user’s groups before adding the udev rules. Thank you!