Console/Terminal increase history/scrollback limit via configuration.nix?

Is it possible to specify the scrollback limit of the console via /etc/nixos/configuration.nix ?

I can change it via: Settings => Edit Current Profile => Scrolling => Fixed Size , but i’d like to do it via configuration.nix if that’s possible.

I tried searching : NixOS Search - Loading... with various keyword but I couldn’t find anything.

I found something for tmux but nothing for the default console NixOS Search - Loading... .

I think a few things are being conflated.

from man bash

              The  number of commands to remember in the command his‐
              tory (see HISTORY below).  If the value is 0,  commands
              are not saved in the history list.  Numeric values less
              than zero result in every command being  saved  on  the
              history  list  (there is no limit).  The shell sets the
              default value to 500 after reading any startup files.
              The  maximum  number  of lines contained in the history
              file.  When this variable is assigned a value, the his‐
              tory  file  is  truncated,  if necessary, to contain no
              more than that number of lines by removing  the  oldest
              entries.   The  history  file is also truncated to this
              size after writing it when a shell exits.  If the value
              is 0, the history file is truncated to zero size.  Non-
              numeric values and numeric values less  than  zero  in‐
              hibit  truncation.  The shell sets the default value to
              the value of HISTSIZE after reading any startup files.

I think the reason why Konsole uses the term scrollback, is that it’s the upper limit that it needs to remember in a given shell session. The the size of history in a bash session is controlled through ENV variables.

This sounds like a task for home-manager. Generally, user-level configuration is best done with home-manager. Unfortunately I don’t think the option exists now, but I believe Konsole stores its configuration files in ~/.local/share/konsole and you can take advantage of the home.file.<name?>.text option and its siblings documented on the home-manager manual options page. Just follow the format of the Konsole config file you want to manage and you should be good.

Thank you , I will look into it and will report back .