Constitutional Assembly: Q&A stream

The assembly has not yet come to a decision on how to moderate Zulip going forward, but we intend to soon.

To keep the moderation surface for a textual assembly/board Q&A minimal, we’re opening the Assembly Q&A: with a simple structure:

  • To ask a question, create a new topic with a single question
    • Indicate who the question is directed at (the assembly, the board or specific members)
    • To signal interest in a question, react with :+1:, we will try to prioritise those
  • Only assembly/board members can reply and discuss in the same topic, unless they explicitly ask the author for clarifications with a mention
    • If you violate this rule, we’ll move your message and give a warning
    • Anybody is free to create follow-up questions by creating a new topic

There will also be an open Q&A call on Mon, May 20, 2024, 19:00 UTC in