Constitutional Assembly: Target date, public repo, office hours, interviews

Hello everyone!
We’ve been busy the past few weeks just getting started figuring out how to work together, but we’re making progress and can give some updates now.

Target date and phases

While we acknowledge the need to make tough decisions, we also understand the danger in rushing it. To give us a reasonable timeline and set expectations for the wider community, we are targeting our work to be done by 2024-09-01, so in a bit less than three months from now. See our mission to get a sense of what we need to do.

We can also partition our work into these rough stages:

  1. Get informed and aligned internally
  2. Draft proposals and get wider community input
  3. Make final decision

Public repo

We need a place to publish persistent documents, and we have to accept that Zulip is not fit for that.
To fill that gap, we now have a public repository as the central point of information by and about to the Nix Constitutional Assembly (NCA).

This notably includes the notes from the open call last month, NCA answers to the Q&A, all announcements themselves and more.

We’ll still announce important updates on Discourse and Zulip, but if you just want to know the latest state, the repo is where to look.

Office hours

To have a more personal avenue for questions and feedback, some NCA members will hold personal weekly office hours.
If you have any concerns and/or want to connect with us, feel free to join!
To keep these calls smaller, we ask you to only join at most one per week.

The time slots are

Meeting link:


Over the past weeks, primarily @lassulus has privately reached out to various community members for their personal thoughts in an interview style.

If you’d like to give us your input in such a form, feel free to fill out the interview template (can include a postscriptum!) and send it to any of the NCA members.