Content addressed nix and flakes: how do I try it out? and basic question

I have a number of projects running CI based on nix flakes.
This seems like a perfect environment to test content addressed nix. I am asking here since that thread has too many concerns for my comfort :smiley: .

  1. Do I simply need to add the ca-derivations experimental option to my user’s ~/.config/nix/nix.conf file?
  2. Does content addressed nix decrease the on disk size of the nix store?

Does this page on the wiki answer question 1?

As for 2, I would think so (in some cases)? Since changes in the inputs that don’t produce different outputs would be saved at the same store path.

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My DNS server is not resolving that now for some reason. I’ll take a look later.
As an aside, I am unsure what pages to trust in the wiki so often ask here.