Contract work: building Android apps with Nix and Nixpkgs

The NixOS Foundation is looking for individuals willing to do work for the Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative . Apart from packagers (see Eelco’s previous post we are also looking for someone who wants to work on infrastructure for building Android apps with Nix and Nixpkgs. The use case is as follows: given a source tarball or Git repository the output should be a (reproducible) APK file that can be installed through for example F-Droid.

Who are we looking for?

Per EC rules, we can only use individuals , not companies, and only on an hourly basis. That is, we do not employ you. Instead, you send us an invoice upon completion of packaging work. Since you’re not an employee, your working hours are entirely up to you. We cannot guarantee a fixed numbers of hours. Therefore this work may be best suited for people who want to have a side income such as students. (For more details, check out the template contract .)

The ideal candidate is somebody who is interested in reproducible builds and has demonstrated knowledge in the Nix community; people who are curious to learn new technologies and have an independent drive.

What does the job look like?

This is a bigger project than packaging individual applications.Therefore we are looking for someone who can dedicate a larger chunk of time to work on this.

How much does it pay?

The hourly rate is a country-dependent market rate per NGI/EC rules.

How to apply?

Please send use an email to with a bit of intro and credentials and explain us what interests you in this position (e.g. how much time you have available).