Convincing hosting companies to support Nix/Nixos

Is there any existing effort in the community to convince hosting companies to support Nix/Nixos?


@mightyiam @imincik @mat and me are working on a pitch to sponsors these days, currently for a different particular topic. It may be worthwhile exchanging thoughts on the general issue.


Sorry: what I meant here was: convincing hosting companies to support the installation and usage of nixos as an option on their systems. (although I am all for also convincing hosting companies to sponsor nix/nixos foundation as well :slight_smile: )


Maybe an incentive would be that they get listed somewhere on the I guess we already do so (AWS,…) but maybe we can formalize this and invite others to do so. Just thinking out laud.


I don’t think anybody’s keeping it up to date though

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We could migrate that to or a repo in nix-community and find a couple of people to keep an eye on it, link it nicely. Essentially anyone who runs NixOS on their VPS will be interested in having a list handy just in case.

Please don’t delete it from the wiki! By all means link to it though.

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