Core Infrastructure Engineer at kuutamo

In the world of software, you usually need to decide between using a managed SaaS or running everything yourself in a self-hosted environment, which means handling all the operations to keep things running smoothly.

At kuutamo we believe that there is a better way. A sweet spot between these two options. Our services can be hosted anywhere, including the users own infrastructure, and we provide update and monitoring tools to help out along with world class SRE services. This way, users stay in control while knowing their systems are securely up and running.

kuutamo is seeking a talented Core Engineer to join our team in developing and maintaining self-hosted infrastructure solutions. NEAR network is already in production with Bitcoin Lightning Network Routing underway and ETH2 in planning.

Your Role:

As a Core Engineer, you’ll be responsible for designing and developing our NixOS-based infrastructure. You’ll work closely with our team to ensure the smooth operation and reliability of our self-hosted environments.


  • Proficiency in NixOS and Terraform
  • Strong programming skills in Nix, Rust, and Python
  • Experience with systems and tools such as Grafana, Mimir, Consul, CockroachDB, and RocksDB
  • Ability to quickly learn and adapt to new technologies
  • Interest or experience in technologies like NEAR, Bitcoin / Lightning Network, and ETH


  • Design, develop, and maintain our NixOS-based infrastructure
  • Collaborate with the team to identify and address challenges
  • Ensure the reliability and stability of self-hosted environments for our clients
  • Continuously improve and enhance our solutions to meet the evolving needs of the protocols.

:point_up_2: I can highly recommend it. Paul is a great person, and the project is technologically interesting. If you like managing servers with NixOS and and building, optimizing distributed systems, this is a project for you.


You’re great too @zimbatm :wink: :blue_heart: It’s been an awesome ride so far and excited to be growing the team.

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Sounds great. How do I apply?

Awesome! Please DM me or email

do you use terraform or other? if nixops, is not it dead?

how you solve unknown values problem of cloud application? Unknown values propagation in Nix like in HCL

do you optimize for blockchains? do you use firecracker? (like

are you going cosmos or dotsama?

are you using light clients for monitoring?

why you are not using kubernetes/docker? if not.

do you generate Grafana boards specs from Nix?

how you solve blockchain data migration/mount?

are you using cloud load balancer or raw nginx for blockchain nodes?