Corporate adoption list

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In a corporate environment, it is a strong argument to be able to state that other big ones have adopted it already. Do we have such a list already? Here is a start:

Do you know of other mainstream ones? The last one is not a well-known company, but seeing the usage for sensitive banking software is quite an argument.


I asked ChatGPT:

  • Target: They use Nix for their infrastructure and development environments, enabling consistent and reproducible builds. (EDIT: “Nix is getting early use at legitimate companies like Shopify, Replit, Anduril, Target, GCHQ, and others.”)
  • Symbiont: A blockchain technology company that uses Nix to manage dependencies and ensure reproducibility in their development workflows.
  • Tweag: A consultancy that heavily uses and contributes to the Nix ecosystem, providing Nix-based solutions for their clients.
  • Samsung: Utilizes Nix to manage their software builds and ensure consistency across different environments. (EDIT: could not find anything)
  • Mozilla: They use Nix for managing some of their build environments and dependencies, benefiting from the reproducibility it offers. (EDIT: could not find much)

Needs sorting.

And links to source material.


IIrc, there was an attempt to collect such a list when there was discussion around creating an ecosystem mind map - but I can’t find it right now

Adding to the list above, is a downstream user of Nix/Nixpkgs and quite a few companies with close ties to the military (some rather quietly, others creating drama).


There’s an internal list with 60 companies I maintain for the NixOS Foundation, which we used for the past Summer of Nix “hiring events”. It can’t be used directly for marketing purposes, but with some processing we could make a nice presentation.

Talk to me if you want to work with that information. If you have time to sit down together, we could reshape it such that the non-sensitive parts can be published and kept up to date. This would require answering some questions, such as where to publish it to make it useful for as many people as possible.

@lietapa thanks for the new things, I didn’t know about Coder or Monzo.


GitHub - ad-si/nix-companies: Curated list of companies that use Nix / NixOS in production has a somewhat substantial list so far!


Oh, and Typst of course: GitHub - typst/typst: A new markup-based typesetting system that is powerful and easy to learn.

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Thank u for content. Types of course?

A while back we started a “Nix in the Wild” blog series at Flox for pretty much this exact reason. To help shine a light on awesome Nix usage in various settings.

Disclosure this links to a flox domain: Flox | Nix in the Wild


Typst is a markup-based typesetting system that is powerful and easy to learn, find more info at

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This is great! I will merge the following with the above.

Ideally, I would like to refer to a page/blog from the company itself. For example, I see your entry about Prisma but don’t find such a reference. Do you have more?

Nice list. The reference part is needed for me.

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You may add too ! SymfonyCon Brussels 2023: Taming container environment maintenance let's go Nix-ing! (Symfony Blog)

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