Corrupted/inappropriate bootloader/generation select text

Did much research before asking, but found nothing. If this has been dealt with previously please point me there.

This has been occurring since the installation, so this is probably due to the fringe hardware I’m trying to run all this on. I’ve found information on how to rebuild the bootloader, and I’ve tried options in the ‘re-installing’ section of the bootloader docs:

To be clear the problem is corrupted/inappropriate characters where I’d expect the countdown and menu text to be. The generation contents are perfectly clear and function as I’d expect. The menu is responsive to the arrow and enter keys.

I’d also expect maybe this is supposed to be centered? Grub stuff like this is usually centered right?

This is all happening on Apple Silicon, and M2 Air. The apple-silicon-support addons and the rest of the machine config are working great after my tweaks, but I was hoping some discussion here could teach me what’s going on with the bootloader and if it’s possible to fix without re-rolling the Apple Silicon installation media, which is what I expect I’d have to do, though if I do, I don’t have any personal magic I could inject, I’d just run the process on this workstation and hope the linking or whatever it took to fix it was included from this machine.

The machine is functional so this isn’t super high priority, but the to do items on the quality of life list are so scant that now I want to see if I can fix this.

Any explanations of how this portion of the system works would be super interesting, and I’ll report back if you need any more information about the system to offer advice. Thanks!

See discussion on Github under the nixos-apple-silicon project.

There is U-boot code in the pipeline to resolve this. It’s not an issue with configuration during install.