Could anyone explain different sensors?

Hey, could anyone explain these sensors what parts they are for? I figured CPU might be Tctl, but what sensor is for the GPU temperature and what do the other ones all mean? Thank you in advance.

Based on my sensors:

  • Composite is the temperature for your NVME.
  • I think the following 2, Sensor 1 and Sensor 2 are also for the NVME, like mine, as Sensor 1 is mostly super close to Composite.
  • edge, junction, fan1 and mem at the top should be your GPU.
  • Tccd1 is temperature of first Charge-Coupled Device. It’s realted to capacitors temperatures, something like that. So it’s for the CPU, like Tctl.


Sensor readings depend on the specific hardware parts and kernel drivers. Google the values and your specific hardware.

I’d recommend you switch whatever app you’re using here as this one seems to be mixing temps of completely different parts of your computer into a single table with no discriminator which is just …baffling UI design.

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The command-line sensors utility (nix-shell -p lm_sensors --command sensors) will give (most of?) the same values but displaying them in labeled groups that will help you puzzle out what they correspond to (for example, Composite, Sensor 1, and Sensor 2 will all appear in a group called nvme-pci-????, a hint that these are readings for an NVME device).