Creating a binary cache for a nix overlay

Hey folks-

I’m working on an overlay/package set for working with precise node.js versions/associated tooling. The intended use case is for creating nix shells for working on projects that are locked to specific versions, where nixpkgs might not provide the necessary precision.

You can take a look at the package set here:

Compiling node and purescript (and all the other tools that I’d eventually like to add to that repo) is a very slow process. So my question for you lovely folks is this: are there any docs on getting a binary cache set up for custom package sets? Is there any way to include packages in my repo in the hydra build farm that’s used by nixpkgs itself? Any other advice?




you should be able to easily get a binary cache with

Sign in and you’ll see instructions with four commands to set everything up.

Let me know if you get stuck somewhere.



Wow, this is awesome! Thanks for the tip!