Creating a builder with additional disk space

I have configured the darwin builder so that I can build my nixos vm from my base operating system (MacOS).

I created the builder like this and pointed my environment at it and it works great except that it runs out of space when trying to build my image.

nix run nixpkgs#darwin.linux-builder

There are steps here on how to reconfigure it Nixpkgs Reference Manual which I don’t understand

In the docs there is also a Nixpkgs Reference Manual to use however even copying and pasting it it gives me the error:

error: flake 'path:/Users/james/Documents/projects/darwin-builder' does not provide attribute 'apps.x86_64-darwin.default', 'defaultApp.x86_64-darwin', 'packages.x86_64-darwin.default' or 'defaultPackage.x86_64-darwin'

I feel like I’m going round in circles. Can anybody help me easily spin up a linux builder with lots of disk?