Creating dot files in configuration

I have a working .Xresources file that contains settings for xterm and I’d like to include it in my configuration.nix if possible.

I followed this thread but including the snippet in my configuration file did not produce a .Xresources file.

Is there anything in addition to the snippet that I should include?

Home-manager, which I heartily endorse independently of this particular concern, includes an Xresources module that may help, or at least be educational reading?

Thanks, I glossed over home-manager early on but passed since it seemed like an extra layer. I see your point is that it permits fine grained control, and I agree that module does look promising as a solution.

The snippet creates the Xresources file in the nix store, and loads it using xrdb on session startup without placing it in your $HOME or /etc, i.e. the settings should still take effect.

Thanks for clarifying. I’m still not getting it to work. Is there something else I could be missing? I’m running XFCE4 and using the quasi “startx” DM. I tried including xrdb in my .xinitrc file to ensure it’s starting but to no avail.

And to clarify, my .Xresources content is mostly xterm settings.

I abandoned adding dot files to configuration.nix.

My solution is to create a .Xresources file in $HOME as I do in other distros, install the nixos package xorg.xrdb and call it from my .xinitrc using xrdb ~/.Xresources &&

The results are as expected - xterm preferences correctly applied

It’s not a “nixonic” (<-- sp?) solution, but sharing dot-files via Git is more versatile for me in any event. I also found this: dot files python library which looks cool too.

Thanks to responders for suggestions.