Creating /lib64 on your NixOS system

Does anyone in their NixOS configuration just create a /lib64 with all the libraries they’ve included rather than using something like nix-ld.

I can see this approach working particularly well especially since a NixOS machine is largely tied to a single channel so there should only be a single (in many cases) of a particular version “live” at a time.

Was just thinking of some simpler “FHS” stop-gaps that others are doing.

In the past, I have before just made links from /run/current-system/sw/{lib,share,bin}, etc to their more traditional FHS locations under /usr and just /, and everything seemed to mostly workout fine (didn’t stress it too hard though). I was considering if maybe we should offer a module option to make the transition for newcomers a little simpler.

Seems like a worthwhile module to bridge NixOS for things;
You wouldn’t necessarily need ‘stream-run’ anymore also.