Creating Nix Geospatial team

Dear Nix maintainers,

I am still quite new to Nix, but have a big interest in evolution of Nix
geospatial software stack. I currently don’t maintain any Nix package, but
definitely want to contribute and make Nix to become de-facto industry standard
for accessing high quality geospatial software.

That’s why I am thinking about creating Nix geospatial team which could, for the
start, take responsibility for maintenance of QGIS and all it’s build
dependencies like GDAL, PROJ, GEOS, Spatialite, … .

Advantage of having the team can be possibility to have some regular catch-ups and
easier and faster access to PR reviews.

Big thanks goes to people who already did lot of work in geospatial packages:


To explore the playground I started NUR repo which can be potentially used for
latest versions of maintained packages and can serve as some kind of incubator.

What do you think about this idea ? Anybody interested to join ?



This is a great idea.

If you manage to assemble a group of people who can commit some regular time:

  • @infinisil (Nixpkgs team) would you guide the team with Nixpkgs best practices?

  • It would be awesome if this team could produce contributor documentation as they stumble into inevitable problems. @lucperkins (documentation team) could you assist with that?


Yes, thank you @fricklerhandwerk . Having better access to some mentorship will be great benefit as well.

I think creating geospatial team in maintainers/team-list.nix is a great idea. I would like to join.
Just in case, here is my geospatial sandbox:

Great. Thank you @sikmir , I already saw your NUR repo - really impressive. I’ll create PR for team.

Draft Geospatial team PR is created.

Waiting for myself to be added to the maintainers list (maintainers: add imincik by imincik · Pull Request #203512 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub) and leaving more time for others to join.

maintainers/team-list: add geospatial team by imincik · Pull Request #203513 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub is now waiting to be merged.

Our team PR is merged now !

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Hi all,
this is another attempt to get Geospatial team alive and working.

I spent few months in exploring Nix geospatial packages, did few contributions and saw huge amount of work done by many individuals. And I still see very big value in much closer and more systematic collaboration as a team.

The proposals is following:

  1. Get current GDAL, PROJ, GEOS, QGIS, Fiona, PDAL, … maintainers and current/potential contributors interested in joining the team

  2. Have a regular virtual meetings and work on following:

  • first, decide on the list of packages we want to collaboratively maintain as a team and formalize it by updating meta.maintainers to point to the team rather to the individuals
  • fine tune and document our specific policies and requirements for key things like:
    • packaging style: code formatting, usage of package sources (use Github or PyPi for Python packages ?), style of package testing, good and consistent support for package overrides
    • stable branch backporting policy: which patch releases are 99% safe to backport, which are not
    • PR reviews: make sure all team members are notified when there is a change in one of our packages and we might require review by a team member done according our policies
  • identify current biggest problems and try to find some solutions - for example how to get QGIS working Mac ?!
  • create some road map for next stable release: packages versions we want to see in next stable Nixpkgs branch, add missing packages (like proj-data), current packages improvements (adding support for some missing geospatial formats), …

All of that will of course remain as pure voluntary work, the same as it is done now, but we might achieve much better results when working together.

Please, think about joining. Ivan.


Geospatial team is adopting first package. If you like the idea, please consider joining the team.


If you don’t like the idea, please let us know as well.

I wanted to say: this is really awesome you are doing all this work. Please let me know if I can help for PR review, etc. as I see that the geospatial team is still trying to lift off.

Thank you for commenting your status on the release issue. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I am just trying to connect other people (mentioned above + others) doing work for many years already.

Hi! This all sounds great, I think “geospatial” very good scoping. Is there maybe a matrix channel I could join to follow you folks?

Thanks @SergeK , the team is currently only in the process of creation. Currently contains only two people. You are welcome to join if you are in to Nix geospatial packages maintenance. No matrix yet.

Hey, I have mostly dealt with geospatial Python packages but would be interested in joining! I sent a request on GitHub to join the team, please let me know if you want additional details. I believe I can readily help with maintaining geospatial Python packages but other languages will depend widely. I believe debugging other languages will be at least a great learning experience for me :D.

I am the maintainer of pygeos ( which can be added under the geospatial team especially if I am included.

Hi @nialov ,

you are definitely very welcome to join !

Would you please create a PR with adding yourself to the team here and assign it to me ?

Thank you very much for pygeos maintenance. We are very happy to move it under team maintenance.