Creating Nix Geospatial team

Dear Nix maintainers,

I am still quite new to Nix, but have a big interest in evolution of Nix
geospatial software stack. I currently don’t maintain any Nix package, but
definitely want to contribute and make Nix to become de-facto industry standard
for accessing high quality geospatial software.

That’s why I am thinking about creating Nix geospatial team which could, for the
start, take responsibility for maintenance of QGIS and all it’s build
dependencies like GDAL, PROJ, GEOS, Spatialite, … .

Advantage of having the team can be possibility to have some regular catch-ups and
easier and faster access to PR reviews.

Big thanks goes to people who already did lot of work in geospatial packages:


To explore the playground I started NUR repo which can be potentially used for
latest versions of maintained packages and can serve as some kind of incubator.

What do you think about this idea ? Anybody interested to join ?



This is a great idea.

If you manage to assemble a group of people who can commit some regular time:

  • @infinisil (Nixpkgs team) would you guide the team with Nixpkgs best practices?

  • It would be awesome if this team could produce contributor documentation as they stumble into inevitable problems. @lucperkins (documentation team) could you assist with that?

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Yes, thank you @fricklerhandwerk . Having better access to some mentorship will be great benefit as well.

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