Customize installation ISO to contain firmware and packages needed on that laptop

I do have an old laptop I want to install NixOS on, side by side with an existing Windows and Arch Linux.

The Arch Linux is installed on a BTRFS partition and windows on NTFS. The pre-installed GParted complains about missing packages to deal with them. It isn’t even able to deal with the ext4 partition on my USB drive (created and formatted from Arch Linux), because the driver installed on the image seems to be to old.

Also that laptop has a Broadcom WiFi Chip. A known painpoint when installing any linux on that device. It requires some additional, non-free, firmware beeing available.

Is there a way to create an install ISO that contains the necessary packages and configuration to work with that laptop?

This wiki page describes how to build a custom installer image: Creating a NixOS live CD - NixOS Wiki.

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Thanks, I’ll take a look and see if I can figure out the options necessary.