Customize-mode for nixpkgs?

Has anyone attempted to write an automated GUI for configuring nikpkgs similar to customize-group in Emacs?

Headed to sleep, and this is totally off topic, but, will kickoff a new thread tomorrow for some refactoring of a package that (successfully) builds deno from source, but, I feel like its too hackish to actually make a PR. Is this the right place to get feedback on Nix code?


Thanks to all the amazing folks behind Nix! To have landed here after years of using NixOS, to be writing packages for obtuse things in Nix with strange derivations… slowly but surely it is starting to click. :slight_smile:


(On mobile and can’t stand the text input. Sorry the above isnt nicely formatted, edited, etc :heart:)

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Yes: Nixos-manager — manage your NixOS configuration graphically

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