Davinci Resolve Studio

Hi all,
I’m getting close to my move away from macOS to nixOS
I’ve got a few remaining software tasks to sort out and one of them is Davinci Resolve Studio.

I can’t seem to find a package for the Studio version.
Can someone please help me with the method of installing Davinci Resolve Studio?


Seconding this. The only reason I have to use MacOS is to grade footage for clients. I’d SO MUCH rather do it on my NixOS machine.



At the moment I have davinci installed through the use of a debian distrobox and makeresolvedeb

in the nixos config I add pkgs.distrobox to my user packages and

  environment.shellInit = ''
      [ -n "$DISPLAY" ] && xhost +si:localuser:$USER || true

to allow the distroboxes to export GUI apps. After making the deb and installing it in the distrobox it might need a few more dependencies to launch but just launch it from the cli with distrobox-enter -n deb -- /opt/resolve/bin/resolve and install any dependencies inside the distrobox.

The official download zip contains

  • DaVinci_Resolve_18.6.2_Linux.run / DaVinci_Resolve_Studio_18.6.2_Linux.run
  • Linux_Installation_Instructions.pdf

and they used to recommend Centos as the OS to use. The run file is a binary that does not want to launch on nixOS thus I opted for the distrobox approach to just get it up and running.

That being said, I recently found this link on the forum from a Blackmagic Employee recommending a Rocky Linux ISO with davinci preinstalled. Another approach would be to run this under QEMU/KVM using virt-manager or something.
(I wonder if they have licensed to used h264 on there cause that is the main reason I don’t use dacinvi on linux and opt for kdenlive. For simple editing and grading kdenlive is more than enough, especially with the latest update.)

In order to install it on nixos proper, as the source is closed, we’d have to unpack the .run-file and put all the stuff in the right places. The makeresolvedeb shell script does exactly that but for debian so is probably a good place to start looking into how to get it running on nix proper.


OK thank you for this reply, though I’m personally not up to the challenge of doing all that stuff lol
I was more hoping there would be some easier option since Davinci is such a popular piece of software.
Thank you again


If you’ve got a zip file you could add that to the store and overrideAttrs the regular davinci-resolve to use that as its src and it should work.


Huh! I didnt even see it in the store lol

@Atemu The store one fetches the zip, unzips it, and uses appimage-run on the .run file it seems

        appimage-run ./DaVinci_Resolve_${version}_Linux.run -i -y -n -C $out

if I have a studio version of the .run file in a random folder, how would I use overrideAttrs to swap it out?

I’m running flakes so should be able to just add all of this to a file in my overlays folder right?
I have an overlay part like this

      overlays = import ./overlays { inherit inputs; };

and a default.nix file that just includes any files I want in that folder.

I’m still pretty new with nixOS so learning as I try stuff out c:

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Also, had a try installing the store version and it seems that resolve uses python 2 still which my setup was (rightly) complaining about.

Not sure if the 18.x versions still use py2. might have a try with the overlay once I make that.

Ah, looking at the expression again, it probably wouldn’t be overridable. It’d need some refactoring in order to do that. Looks like you’d have to edit the expression directly.

well, certainly, the 18.x versions would be the way to go if you can get it working. v18 has a ton of new enhanced features over v17
Thank you so much for helping out with this

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