Debugging Segmentation fault (core dumped)

When running any nix command I am getting a SegFault. This started randomly after a couple of days of solid stability on a new system. I am running NixOS (23.11 and I noticed it while running a nixos-rebuild switch.

I am totally new to NixOS, so not really sure what info to include.

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Should I just reinstall? I reverted back to a previous generation (that works). But when I rebuild and switch the SegFault returns.

are you using one of the hardened allocators ? they tend to make everything segfault on glibc upgrades.

Looks really weird, like any command? Can you even boot until you can open a gui terminal ? Maybe a hardware problem, like a bad sector in your drive? Maybe start from a working derivation, garbage collect in case a derivation got corrupted by a bad drive and re-switch? I’d try to check the state of the drive and do a backup in case it is end of life.

I don’t think it’s hardened, just a nortmal install. and it worked…

All commands except nix-info

i am having the same issue