Delightful, open-source, work communication tool for remote teams

Maybe even suitable for our new Teams?!

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Interesting, so in part potentially replacing Matrix?
What’s the main things that you see would be helpful with this one?
Going to take a deeper dive over the weekend to check it out :slight_smile:


  • A cleaner and more accessible record & index of async conversations …
  • … reduces the toil in consuming that record from all participants …
  • … at the small cost of a different tool …
  • … for slightly higher or highest stake comms …
    • … such as between RFC Shepherds or Nix / X Team members …
  • … in which external observers play an important part …
    • … in the effectiveness and legitimacy of decision making …
    • … as well as where work needs to be both, encouraged & done.

Substitutes & Overlaps:

  • Matrix
    • Comment: matrix has strong elements of ephemeral chatter and therefore a different use case
  • GitHub Issue Discussions
    • Comment: linear history has been a point of contention for multifariously structured topics of discussion
  • Discourse
    • Comment: strong at in-context cross-referencing and announcements, but suffers from the same linearity as GitHub; its label system is no adequate substitute for ad-hoc team & topic structure
  • Matrix
    • Comment: matrix has strong elements of ephemeral chatter and therefore a different use case

Isn’t that more a matter of how you use it rather than the technology/solution itself?

I mean, it looks quite nice, but can’t you do exactly the same thing with matrix without having to reinvent the wheel?

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Reminds me of

It seems to advertise itself on having a better UI than other chat services, I’d argue implementing that as a matrix client would give you better compatibility while allowing the project to focus on said good UI.

It’s a shame we’re still inventing new chat services with the purpose of being messenger themes.

But maybe I’m missing something crucial, my first instinct was that this did some neat whiteboard sharing things, or had some project management features. Which can also in theory be done with matrix widgets, but isn’t yet to my knowledge.

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Technology absolutely! I already tried to throw an anchor in the discussion section of gameplan’s repo by suggesting to integrate gameplan with matrix spaces.

“Solution”, though, appears to be only meaningful when applied to a use case. I chose the following:

Through better indexing we want to improve transparency, since it shapes legitimacy and collaboration.

By indexing, I mean properties that improve transparency such as:

  • clear structure
  • clear representation
  • discoverability
  • ease of use & user experience

By transparency, I mean effective, not potential one. Lowering the hurdle to consume transparency is an important part of effective transparency, for example through user experience and discoverability.

So the [matrix] technology is absolutely great and one could conceive to build a solution to the use case with it. Gameplan can be considered a solution, but without using the technology. If they end up choosing to adopt matrix, there we have it: a solution based on matrix.

That’s how I would look at it.

Edit: And btw, I find the fact that it’s a tool made for work & productivity a rather coincidential consequence of designing for the same use case.

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