Desktop integration for non-nixos uers

Apps don’t show up on my application launcher in Ddbian KDE when installed using nix. Is there any way to enable this in non-nixos?

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I suggest installing home-manager which takes care of setting up the necessary environment variables.


I did this, installed another app and nothing changed. The apps still don’t show on application launcher.

Hello, @kolmeseydo!

It might be easier to help if you share more context. For example:

  • What apps are you trying to install?
  • What are the contents of your ~/.config/nixpkgs/home.nix and other relevant configuration files files.
  • Can you start them from a terminal?
  • Do you see them in the output of home-manager packages command?
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I would add: how did you configure home-manager?

  1. The problem exists for every app that I try to install, one of them being firefox which I most recently installed.
  2. As far as configuration files for nix are concerned, the only file exists in /etc/nix is nix.conf, which only contains a single line “sandbox=false”. There is no other config file.
  3. Yes, firefox is executable from terminal, but many other apps like supertuxkart, gimp, etc. are not executable.
  4. My bash shell returns an error of “home-manager: command not found”. May be this is because i installed home-manager from “nix-env -iA nixpkgs.home-manager” but i might be wrong.
  5. I have not configured my home-manager in any way because i don’t know how to do that.

Just installing home-manager isn’t going to help you at all. Its configuration should contain the list of packages the user wants (e.g., firefox and gimp) and it will take care of installing them. You should only install user packages through home-manager to get your environment fully setup. Documentation is at: Home Manager Manual. Configuring home-manager is some work but is not harder than configuring NixOS, it’s very similar.

If you have problems with home-manager, I suggest you start new threads in Discourse instead of commenting here.

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